Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 26, 1999

Soar with the eagles, fly like a bird


How many of you have ever flown in an airplane?

The first time I flew in a plane I thought it was very scary. I was afraid that we would crash into a mountain or into another airplane.

It was my mother's first airplane ride, too. She said she wasn't afraid, but I could tell she really was.

When we got on the plane and found our seats, they told us to put our seatbelts on. My seatbelt was too big, so the attendant came and made it smaller.

Then, the plane started going down the runway. It went faster and faster, and then we started going up in the air.

At that moment, I wished I could change my mind and go back home. I just sat there and prayed. I looked at my mother and she was praying, too.

Soon the attendants came around with soft drinks and nuts. I took my seatbelt off and was enjoying my snack, when all at once, the voice on the loudspeaker told us to put our seatbelts back on.

I looked at my mother and she said, "We are in Kansas City."

I was so glad the flight was over and I could get off the plane.

I told my mother, "I have to go to the bathroom."

She said, "I do, too."

"Can we take a bus when we go home?" I asked as we went into the restroom.

"No," Mother said, "I already bought us an airplane ticket and we will fly."

Then we saw our friends waiting to pick us up from the airport.

Nancy said to me, "Well, tell me, how did you like flying?"

"I didn't," I said, "When I looked out the window, we were way up in the sky. It was too late to decide to get off. That first step would be a long one."

Our friends all laughed at me.

Now, after flying many times, I've decided that I really do like to fly. When I am up in the airplane, I feel just like a bird.

You know, in an airplane, I can fly like a bird, sit and eat nuts like a chipmunk, and be close to God.

On that first flight, I think He was sitting in one of the seats, too.

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