Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 7, 2000

A new home in the country for Joe


This is the first in a 10-week series of stories about Joe, the pot-bellied pig. Next week, the story will continue with Joe's adventures in his new country home.

Joe is a pot-bellied pig. He lives with his owner, Fred, who treats Joe like a real member of the family.

Joe lived with Fred in a neat little house in the city. Although Joe worked very hard at being clean and neat, Fred's neighbors didn't like the idea of a pig living in their neighborhood.

So, one day, Fred told Joe, "I heard about a small farm for sale in the country. A little old lady lives on the farm, all by herself, and she can't take care of it anymore. I think we should go take a look at it."

So, Joe and Fred set off for the country. The little old lady showed them around her house. Then, she took them outside to see the barn and other buildings.

There were some chickens and a few pigs that lived on the farm.

"You can keep the chickens and the pigs," the lady told Fred. "The chickens will give you fresh eggs to eat every day."

The chickens were running all over the yard. One even chased after Joe. He didn't like that one bit.

And the pigs were rolling around in a mud hole in their pen. They were very dirty.

"I guess these pigs must be my cousins, but I don't like them one bit," Joe thought to himself. "I sure hope Fred doesn't want to live here."

"Well, Joe," Fred said just then. "How do you like your new home?"

"Oh no!" Joe thought.

"I know you will be very happy living here," Fred said to him.

"Well, I like it, but not the dirty animals," Joe thought.

"I will make a pen for the chickens and we will clean up the yard and plant some trees. It will be very nice, you'll see," Fred said.

As they walked back into the house, Joe thought, "Well, I guess I like the house all right.

"This house is so big, I can make one bedroom into an office and do my work from home," Fred said. "And you can have a room of your very own, too."

"Okay, that would be nice," Joe thought.

"Of course, you will have to get to know the pigs and the chickens, Joe," Fred went on. "Soon, they will be your friends."

"Oh my," Joe said. "Here I am living on a farm with chickens who chase me, and worst of all, a bunch of dirty pigs. Whatever will I do?"

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