Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Aug. 23, 1999

The rabbit who didn't listen


Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rabbit were getting ready to take their family on a camping trip.

"Well, Mother, do you have the camping food ready?" Mr. Rabbit asked.

"I sure do," Mrs. Rabbit answered. "I packed lots and lots of carrots."

"That is all, just carrots?" asked Mr. Rabbit. "I don't want to have to eat only carrots every day of the trip."

"We can find the rest of the food on the way," Mrs. Rabbit answered. "You know how our kids are. Why, they will eat their way right through the woods."

As they entered the woods, Mr. Rabbit cautioned the children.

"I hear water running," he said. "Stay away from the river because that is where there will be people. There is a camping place for people there and if the children see you, they will try to catch you."

Mrs. Rabbit said to the littlest rabbit, "Jim, you come and walk beside me. You always seem to get into trouble."

As they got closer to the river, the rabbit family could hear the people talking at the campsite. The rabbits carefully lined up to go quietly around the camp.

Mrs. Rabbit went first, then Jim, and then the other little rabbits. Mr. Rabbit brought up the rear.

The rabbit family went under some heavy brush. It became very dark and hard to see. When they came out into the daylight, Mr. Rabbit counted his children.

"Where is Jim?" Mr. Rabbit asked.

All of the rabbits looked at each other. No one knew where that naughty little rabbit had gone.

"You all wait here and I will go back and look for him, " Mr. Rabbit said.

When Mr. Rabbit returned one-half hour later, he had Jim by the ears. Jim didn't look very good.

Mr. Rabbit said, "I found Jim in one of the people's tents. He was eating everything he could find and now he is feeling quite sick."

Mrs. Rabbit was very angry.

"Jim, when are you going to learn to mind?" she asked him.

Jim didn't feel good for the rest of the camping trip. Mrs. Rabbit said that getting sick was a good punishment for a little rabbit that doesn't listen to his parents.

All children, even rabbit children, should always mind their parents, because parents know how to keep their children safe and healthy.

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