Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 4, 2000

Joe makes plans to share his space


This is the fifth in a 10-week series of stories about Joe, the pot-bellied pig. Last week, Joe was able to convince Blackie, a chicken on the farm he shares with his owner, Fred, that it feels good to be clean. In fact, Blackie has decided to be Joe's friend. Now, she enjoys washing her feet in her water dish and sitting with Joe on his new porch. Joe tells the story.

When Fred saw Blackie the chicken visiting me with her nice clean feet, he said, "Well, I've seen everything, now. I suppose, next, it will be the dirty pigs out in the barn that will decide to take a bath."

"I could talk to them about it," I said. "Maybe I can convince them to let you fill in their mud hole with sand. We could plant some nice, green grass for them to lay on and I could hose them down every day."

Fred laughed and laughed at Blackie's clean feet. "It's getting too late to make any more big changes on the farm this year. But next year, you will have to talk to those dirty pigs out in the barn about cleaning up. Maybe you can even talk them into letting me fill up that mud hole of theirs."

Blackie and I looked at each other and smiled.

"You know, Joe," Fred continued. "You are really getting too big to live in this house with me. I will make you a special house all your own, right beside this one, with a door to come upstairs any time you want to."

"Your house will have a bed, a TV, and a bathtub," Fred continued. "And you will be able to go inside or outside whenever you want."

"Joe, if I am very good," Blackie asked, "can I live with you in your new house?"

"Sure, as long as you stay clean and don't get into anything you are not supposed to," I told her. "If you get into trouble, out you go."

Well, Blackie and I are very excited about our new house. Fred said the men will begin working on it tomorrow.

Soon, it will be winter. It will be great to have Fred working from his office at home, right next door to me and Blackie. I can hardly wait for my new house to be finished.

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