Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Sept. 13, 1999

The little big suprise


One day, Mother said, "You girls are going to stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few days. If you are good, I will have a big surprise for you when you come home."

Mother packed our clothes, and my sister and I left for our grandparent's house the very next day.

Grandma was so glad to see us. It was the first time we had ever stayed anyplace by ourselves. My little sister started to cry when Daddy left.

Even though my sister and I are both four years old, I am the older one because I was born first. So, I had to take care of my little sister and tell her not to cry.

"You can sleep with me in my bed," I said to my sister. "You know, when we don't feel good, Mother always comes and sleeps with us. Well, while we are at Grandma's, you can sleep with me."

Grandma said, "Oh, yes, you girls are going to be able to sleep together in a big people's bed, just like the one Grandpa and I sleep in."

We were very excited about this.

"Can we go to sleep right now?" my sister asked as she dried her tears.

"Well, we have to eat supper first," Grandma said."Come and help me set the table."

Grandma brought the dishes out and my sister and I placed them around the table.

We had so much fun. We couldn't wait to tell our parents that we had helped Grandma.

At dinner, my sister and I sat on big people's chairs with pillows to help us reach the table. We really felt big, now.

Grandma showed us how to clear the table and make our bed after dinner. We even helped Grandma make her big bed.

"Do you think Mother will let us help her when we go home?" we asked Grandma.

"Oh, I think your Mother will want you to help her a lot, now," Grandma said.

One day, Grandma told us that Daddy had called to say he was coming to get us.

"Did Daddy say what the big surprise is?" I asked her.

"No, but you can ask him when he gets here," Grandma said.

She helped us pack our things and we were waiting at the door for Daddy when he came.

"Daddy, daddy, what is the big surprise?" we begged.

Daddy gave us a big kiss, sat down next to us, and said, "You know how you wanted a baby brother? Well, we got one. He is waiting at home for you."

We were so excited. The ride home seemed to take forever. We ran into the house and there was Mother, sitting in the living room watching TV.

"Did our brother leave already?" we asked her.

"Oh no, he is here. He is sleeping right now. Do you want to see him?" Mother asked.

We followed her to the bedroom and there was our little brother, sleeping in a little crib.

"He really is a baby," I said.

"Don't you like him?" Mother asked.

"Yes, but he is so little, I said. "We can't play with him, can we?"

"Well, not yet. But, in just a few months, he'll be big enough so you can hold him," Mother said.

"I thought the surprise was going to be a new puppy or a new kitty," my little sister said.

Mother and Daddy started to laugh.

"Maybe next time," they said.

The next morning when I woke up, the new baby was crying. My sister and I ran into the living room and there was Mother. She gave the baby a bottle of milk and he quit crying.

"We'll have to remember that trick," I told my sister. "When he is crying, we will stick a bottle in his mouth and he will stop."

Daddy came into the room and said, "Let's name the new baby after Grandpa."

"But, he doesn't look like Grandpa," I said. "He is too small and he doesn't have any hair on his face."

Mother said to Dad, "We will name the baby Tom, after your dad, and we will call him Tommy."

"I like that," I said to my sister.

So now, my sister and I have a little brother, named Tommy.

No puppy.

Maybe next time.

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