Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 23, 2000

The search continues


This is the 12th story in a series about Joe, the pot-bellied pig, and his owner, Fred. Fred and Joe live in an old farmhouse in the country. While doing some remodeling, Fred found a box hidden in a wall with a message inside. The message indicated that there were other boxes hidden somewhere in the house.

Fred couldn't decide what to do about finding the other boxes. Finally, he decided he had to keep looking, even if it meant taking out another wall in the basement.

Fred called his neighbors and friends and everyone helped take the wall down. There was plaster everywhere, but there didn't seem to be any boxes in the wall.

Everyone was disppointed and Fred's house was a mess. He called in some housecleaning people and some carpenters to get everything back into shape.

Soon, the upstairs was looking very nice. But the downstairs was still a terrible mess

Joe, the pot-bellied pig, decided he could help Fred by carrying out some of the old plaster and boards, using his mouth.

As he nosed around in the crumbled walls, his nose bumped into a solid object, an object that appeared to be a small, wooden box.

Joe hurried to find Fred and show him what he had found.

As Fred watched, Joe pushed the plaster aside with his nose, exposing the small box buried in the debris.

Fred was very excited. He called his neighbors and friends and told them what Joe had found.

Joe continued to push the plaster around with his nose, and then, he found a third box.

Fred called the cleaning ladies and the other workers, too. Everyone who had worked so hard to help Fred find the boxes was invivted to come and see.

A potluck supper was planned for the next night at 6:30 p.m. After supper, the boxes would be opened.

Grandma Opal is currently recovering from surgery, and is expected to be recuperating for 2-3 months. Those wishing to send get well wishes to Grandma can send them to her attention at Bethany Home, 1020 Lark St., Alexandria, MN 56308.

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