Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 25, 1999

A pumpkin's winning smile


Today, we went to town to buy a nice orange, round pumpkin. My mother and I brought the pumpkin home to fix for Halloween.

I said to Mother, "Let's make him smile."

Mother cut the top off and she told me to clean the inside of the pumpkin out. You know, it has a lot of seeds inside, and I am going to save them for next spring to plant in my garden so I can grow my own pumpkins.

After I got all of the seeds out, I asked Mother to come and help me. She cut a mouth on the pumpkin and made him smile. Then, I put the eyes and nose in.

I said, "Mother, what should we call my pumpkin?"

Now, boys and girls, what do you call your pumpkin? You know, a pumpkin has to have a name.

We decided to call my pumpkin, "The Pumpkin That Smiles."

I took my pumpkin to school, where we had a contest. The teacher told us to put our pumpkins along the window and she gave them each a number.

Then she said, "Children, I would like everyone to write down the number of the pumpkin that you like the best. We will put a big star on top of the pumpkin that wins and he will watch over the other pumpkins all day.

"At the end of the day, the other pumpkins can be taken home to decorate your homes for Halloween. But our winning pumpkin will have the honor of staying at school for one additional day."

Guess what! The Pumpkin That Smiles won the contest. He got to wear a star and stay at school for two days in a row.

Children, you can see that it is better to smile, than to cry ­ just like my pumpkin, who won the star.

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