Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 30, 2000

A very special friend for Fred


This is the 13th story in a series about Joe, the pot-bellied pig, and his owner, Fred. Fred and Joe live in an old farmhouse in the country. While doing some remodeling, Fred found some boxes hidden in a wall. Joe tells the story.

Well, we found out what was in the boxes. Everybody was guessing, but no one knew.

And now, we do.

After the mess that was made in the house from taking down walls to look for the boxes, Fred is busy cleaning. He had a truck come to haul away the broken plaster and boards from the old walls.

Fred also hired a man to clean up the yard outside the house, so he could get busy with his office work. Then, he decided to hire a cleaning woman to clean the whole house on the inside.

The neighbor's wife suggested a girl that did housecleaning, so Fred hired her. Her name is June. She brought her younger sister, Betty, who is on vacation from her regular job, to help clean Fred's house.

June and Betty are very nice. They like to feed me apples from their lunch.

One day, Fred told the girls, "Don't bring lunch anymore. I will fix something for all of us and we can have lunch together."

Then, Fred decided to paint the cupboards and walls in the kitchen and bathroom.

Fred got new curtains for his office and he had Betty pick them out, because he said she likes the same kind of things he does.

"Oh, oh, Fred," I said as I gave him a good, long look.

But Fred said, "Don't be silly, Joe. I am not looking for a wife."

In about five days, the girls had cleaned up the whole house. Everything sparkled ­ it was so nice and clean.

Betty was given the job of cleaning Fred's office as she knows something about computers and how to care for them.

Then, Fred asked June to come every week to clean house and wash clothes for him. Betty, who returned to her other job, still comes to visit every so often. Sometimes, she helps Fred with book work.

When Christmas came, Fred asked Betty to pick out a tree and trimmings.

The neighbors are all talking about Fred and his new friend, Betty. Everyone thinks Fred has finally found a wife.

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