Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 8, 1999

Adam catches a very big fish


Adam liked to go fishing with his grandfather.

Every time they went fishing, his grandfather would tell him, "Adam, today, you are going to catch a big fish."

Adam would laugh and say, "Grandpa, you always say that. But I only get small fish, and you make me throw them back."

One day, Grandpa told Adam, "Give me your rod. I will get it ready to catch a big fish today." And they got into the boat and set out to go fishing.

They got out in the middle of the lake and stopped the boat. But they didn't get a bite, so they moved to another spot on the lake. They moved that boat so many times that Adam started to think they were lost.

But Grandpa said, "I know this lake like the back of my hand."

Adam looked at his grandpa's hand. Then he looked at the lake.

"The lake is much bigger," Adam said, and they both started to laugh.

All of a sudden, Adam's rod jerked. It just about jumped out of Adam's hand.

Grandpa grabbed the rod and said, "Adam, your big fish is calling you. Hold on tight to the rod."

"I can't hold on to it," Adam cried. "Help me, Grandpa."

"I'll take the rod, you get the net," Grandpa said.

The fish jumped up out of the water and they could see that it was, indeed, a very big fish.

Adam and his grandpa both held tight to the rod. The fish jumped in and out of the water. It swam away from the boat and then it swam back. It took about a half hour for the fish to get tired and slow down enough for Adam and his grandpa to reel him in.

When the fish swam close to the boat, Grandpa put the net into the water and scooped him up. It was a very big fish, a walleye. Grandpa said that it must weigh at least 10 pounds.

They brought the fish on to shore and grandma got the scale to weigh it. It weighed 10 pounds-6 ounces.

The fish was so big that Adam could hardly lift it. He held it up as much as he could while Grandma took a picture of him with his first big fish.

But all at once, the fish jumped out of Adam's hands and onto the dock. The fish wiggled and jumped around on the dock until it fell right back into the lake.

Grandpa tried to scoop the fish up with the net, but it quickly turned and swam back out into the deep water.

"I lost my big fish," Adam said as he started to cry.

"No, you didn't," Grandma said. We have a picture of you holding him that you can keep forever."

And Grandpa said, "Next time you catch that fish, I bet it will be even bigger. Why, maybe it will weigh 15 pounds."

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