Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 15, 1999

Sunny, warm summer days in November


Well, boys and girls, we sure have been having some nice weather. It seems like spring ­ you can play many things outside, like ball and roller skating.

But, remember, it is really November, and you know that soon we will get cold weather, as well as that white stuff we call snow.

The weather can change real fast. I remember, many years ago, when we had a 60-degree day in November.

It was real nice for many days, but one morning, we got up and looked out of the window, and we saw that the grass had turned white with snow. And it kept on snowing ­ three days of it.

So enjoy the warm days, because the weather can play a joke on us. And after all, we really do want a white Christmas.

Did you know that there are some boys and girls that have never seen snow? They live in states where it is too warm to snow.

When I was young, my cousin and I went to visit my grandpa's farm.

My cousin lived in the city so she knew that you bought milk at the store, but she didn't know how the milk got there. My grandpa told her that cows give milk and he showed her how to milk a cow.

"Gee," she said, "those cows must have a huge store in their stomachs."

Grandpa laughed and got a cup. He squirted the warm, white milk into the cup and gave her some to drink.

"Does the cow have a heater inside, to warm the milk up?" my cousin asked. Grandpa didn't know how to answer that one.

The next morning when we woke up, the ground was covered in white. My cousin looked out the window and screamed.

"Grandpa, look," she cried. "The cows have sprung a leak and they lost all their milk on the ground."

You see, my cousin was from Florida, and she had never seen real snow before.

After breakfast, we went out to play. My cousin loved the snow, and she still comes back to Minnesota every winter, around Christmas time, just to see the snow again.

So you see, boys and girls, we are very lucky to live in the state of Minnesota, where we can enjoy the pretty snowfall. We also are lucky to live in farming country, where we grow up knowing where milk comes from.

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