Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 29, 1999

A very special kitten for Snowball


Snowball is the name of a mother cat. She is white as snow and has very pretty long hair.

Snowball has two kittens that are also all white, and one brown and white kitten with black paws.

Snowball is a good mother. She keeps an eye on her family in the barn and makes sure they stay near her where they will be safe.

As the kittens get older, they like to run all over the barn. But when their mother calls, they all come running over to her.

One day, Snowball decided to take her kittens outside to see the world. The kittens were scared at first and they stayed close by their mother.

All of a sudden, a dog, whose name was Pet, came bounding over to them. The kittens got scared and ran back into the barn.

Pet asked Snowball, "Are all of those kittens yours?"

"Yes," Snowball said.

"Even the one with the black feet?" Pet asked.

"Yes, she is mine, too, but I don't know why she looks so different from the others."

"Well, sometimes that happens," Pet said.

The kittens started to venture out of the barn again. Slowly, they walked over to their mother.

"This is Pet," Snowball told her kittens. "He is a dog. Be good to him, and he will be good to you."

The kittens looked at Pet. Pet looked at the kittens.

"We're hungry," the kittens said to their mother.

So back in the barn they went, back to their place in the hay. Snowball fed her kittens, and they all fell fast asleep.

Snowball decided to take a little walk. She went up to the house where her owners, Jim amd Mary, had left her a small dish of food to eat. She ate all of the food; it was very good. Then she returned to the barn to check on her kittens.

"My, oh my," Snowball exclaimed, "I see three white kittens, and also one kitten with black feet. Where did that extra white kitten come from?"

The kittens started to wake up from their nap and run around. The extra little kitten didn't run, she hopped.

"That poor little kitten," Snowball thought. "Oh well, I don't mind one more. They all seem to play well together."

Then she noticed that the new kitten was nibbling on the hay.

"That's strange," Snowball thought to herself, "This kitten has some very strange habits. I wonder where she came from."

She took her kittens outside to play and the new kitten followed along. As they played outside in the sunshine, Jim came over to pet them.

"What are you doing with that baby rabbit," Jim asked Snowball.

"Rabbit?" Snowball wondered.

"She looks just like your little white kittens. I bet that rabbit is lost and she thinks that you are her mother," Jim said.

Jim decided to look for the rabbit mother and her nest. Sure enough, the next day, he found them and he brought the baby rabbit back to her rabbit family.

So now, all of the families are put back together, just the way they should be.

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