Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Dec. 13, 1999

A very special tree for our backyard


One day, shortly before Christmas, Bobby's mother said, "I am going shopping. Do you want to go along?"

"Sure," Bobby said, "Can we go to Toy Town?"

Bobby's mother said, "Yes, but you must hurry and get ready so we have plenty of time to shop."

So off to town they went. The first stop was the toy store where Bobby saw rows and rows of toys.

"I want this and this and this," Bobby said, "Oh, and this big truck, too."

"Do you think we have a money tree in our backyard?" his mother asked him.

"No, Bobby said, "But why don't you plant one? We have an apple tree."

Mother just laughed.

"Now, we have to buy some food for Christmas dinner," she said. "Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Tom are coming to our house and Grandma is going to bring the turkey."

"Oh no, not Mr. Tom," Bobby exclaimed. "Please, no turkey. We can have weiners instead. I don't want any turkeys to get killed for our dinner."

"But, you like turkey," Bobby's mother said. "

"I only like the ones that they don't have to kill," Bobby said.

"Well, what kind of turkey is that?" Bobby's mother asked.

"I want a turkey that is already dead," Bobby said.

Bobby's mother reassured him that any turkey they cooked for dinner would be that kind of turkey, so Bobby felt much better.

As soon as they got home, Bobby sat down and started his letter to Santa. He asked Santa to bring him a truck, but it would have to be a small, cheap one this Christmas, since they didn't have a money tree.

"I will tell my dad to plant a money tree," Bobby wrote to Santa, "so, next year you can bring the big, expensive truck."

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