Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 12, 1999

Howard Lake looking at new ambulance

By Andrea Vargo

The Howard Lake Fire Department appeared before the council with a new ambulance for them to inspect Tuesday.

The council toured the vehicle and gave its approval for the bidding process to begin for a new ambulance.

"This is the year the department needs a new ambulance, and we found a demo that we feel is a very good deal," said fire department representative Dennis Bobrowske.

"The ambulance serves our needs very well, and all the warranties take effect the day we buy it," he said.

The base price for the ambulance made by Med Tech, is $91,000. With the discount for the 12,000 miles on the diesel engine and the trade-in for the old ambulance, the cost drops to about $75,500, he explained.

The department has saved about $78,000 to purchase the ambulance, so it will not be an added burden to the city's budget this year.

Councilman Don Danford, the most frequent council user of the city's ambulance service, asked how it is equipped compared to the old one.

Bobrowske said the new one has about $9,000 in options and a lot more on it than the old one.

But everything it has is a useful feature for the fire department, he said.

City hall restrooms

Three design groups offered their their services to assist in the renovation of the Howard Lake City Hall.

After their presentations, Mayor Gerry Smith said it was like comparing an apple, an orange, and a watermelon.

More information is needed because each presentation addressed different approaches to the project.

The first thing to be done at the city hall is the updating of the bathrooms to make them handicap accessible. This will require new ones to be built according to state codes.

A decision on who will be chosen to spear head that project will be made after more research into each of the proposals, said Smith.

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