Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Oct. 23, 2000

Artmann to be tried as both adult and juvenile in Pool case

By Gail Lipe

A certification hearing that was held last week determined that Mary Alice Barbara Artmann, 18, of Silver Lake, will be tried in extended juvenile jurisdiction for her part in the murder of Randy Pool in July 1999.

That means Artmann will be tried as both an adult and a juvenile.

Amy Olson, assistant McLeod County attorney, recommended the extended juvenile jurisdiction because of Artmann's previous record, the seriousness of the offense and her amenability to treatment.

She said if Artmann is found guilty, the adult sentence will be suspended on the condition that Artmann successfully complete the juvenile sentence. If she violates any of the conditions of probation, the adult sentence could be imposed.

Artmann is being charged with a serious felony of aiding and abetting kidnapping-causing great bodily harm in connection with the July 1999 murder of Randy Pool in Hutchinson.

Pool's body was discovered in the Clearwater River on July 28, 1999. He was held against his will and repeatedly beaten and tortured in his home in Hutchinson for approximately three days before his death.

Testimony was given by Kristopher Olson during the trial of Shawn McCollum, one of the six defendants sentenced for Pool's murder, that places Artmann in Pool's house during the kidnapping.

He said Artmann visited the house on July 18, spent the night and left the next morning. During that time, Pool tried to escape, and Artmann and McCollum stopped him. Artmann allegedly kicked Pool in the thigh region.

At the certification hearing, Judge Terrence Conkel opened by saying he talked to both Olson and John Westrick, Artmann's attorney. He said there was some resolution to how Artmann would be certified for trial.

Olson presented the extended juvenile jurisdiction option, citing it was recommended after going over evaluations that were done by Renee Lea, McLeod County probation officer, and a psychological evaluation done by Dr. Roger Carten.

Westrick said the defense was in agreement to the certification, and said his client requested a trial, waiving the right to a speedy trial.

He also said he would be filing a motion for a change of venue.

Conkel established Nov. 7, 1:30 p.m., as the date and time of the next hearing. The hearing will be a combined settlement and omnibus hearing.

He said as soon as Westrick files the change of venue motion, Olson would have one week to present a written response to it. He hopes to have a judgement on that motion for the hearing on Nov. 7.

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