Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, May 10, 1999

Custer wins bowling award

At the annual meeting and banquet of the Howard Lake Bowling Association (HLBA) May 3, a special award was given to John Custer, a league bowler for 56 years.

Custer bowled in North Dakota and in various centers in Minnesota before bowling in Howard Lake when it opened in the fall of 1960.

The award was presented by Dan Kleve, owner of Lake Bowl, Brian Barth, president of the HLBA, and Steve Weber, HLBA secretary-treasurer.

Lake Bowl wins 2nd championship

The Lake Bowl bowling team from the Monday Late men's league became the first team in the history of the Howard Lake Bowling Association to win the city championship two years in a row.

This accomplishment allows the team to keep the traveling sponsor's trophy permanently. Other teams have won two or more championships in the past, but never back to back.

The Lake Bowl qualified for the city championship by winning both halves of their league. Other teams involved in the competition were Howard Lake Legion and Werner's Hardware from the Monday Early league; Red's Family Restaurant from the Monday Late league; and Keg's Bar and Trophies Plus from the Wednesday Early league.

Members of the Lake Bowl team are Gary Chamberlain, Dan Kleve, Bob Kleve, Jeff Erickson, Tony Gehrke, Jerry VanBenschoten, and Brian Erickson.

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