Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Dec. 13, 1999

Drug bust near Waverly

Two Waverly men, Derrick Dalbec, 27, and Virgil Dalbec, 25, were booked Dec. 3 for first degree manufacture of a controlled substance, according to the Wright County Sheriff's Office.

The two men were first observed by a party who had been hunting in the area.

He noticed them standing over glassware and cans of chemicals in a tree line.

The hunter watched the two men as they brought the items to a nearby residence. He then alerted the Wright County Drug Task Force.

Agents went to the residence to speak with Derrick Dalbec and Virgil Dalbec, and at that time, the agents observed items consistent with a clandestine methamphetamine lab, including glassware, funnel, acid gas generator, and coffee filters lying on the ground outside the residence.

Virgil Dalbec fled on foot and was caught a short time later after he fell through some thin ice on an area pond. Both men were transported to the Wright County Jail, said authorities.

Agents said they recovered the items from outside the residence and then obtained and executed a search warrant for controlled substances inside the residence.

Additional items were recovered from inside the residence, officials said.

Safety Kleen, a hazardous waste disposal company, arrived at the scene and disposed of the contaminated evidence.

Samples taken from the evidence were later sent to the Drug Enforcement Administration Lab for analysis.

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