Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Aug. 21, 2000

Bringing health home - Waverly native practices preventative care

By Andrea Vargo

Little baby coos and grunts issue from three-month-old Emma Williamson as chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Buttruff gently and quickly stretches Emma to align bones and relieve stress on nerves.

The result is a baby who spends the next half-hour talking and gurgling, completely relaxed and happy.

No gas. No burping. Just smiles. And, it's free. Yes, babies are free when the parent has an adjustment.

The actual work with Emma takes only a few minutes, and it looks like Jennifer is playing with the baby.

Every baby should be examined by the time he/she is two weeks old, Jennifer stated.

"Every birth is traumatic, but a Cesarean section is scary. Who knows how the baby is lifted out," Jennifer said.

It could be by the arm or head, she said.

Many times, babies are brought in because they have colic. They come in all scrunched up, she said.

But after a few minutes of work, the baby is all open and relaxed, Jennifer said.

The babies come in screaming, and after they go home and sleep for 12 hours, the parents call and say, "What did you do?"

She teaches the mothers how to do massage on their babies to relieve stress and make happier babies.

Now that baby Emma is comfortable and happy, mom Lynette Williamson has her turn to be massaged and adjusted by Jennifer.

Jennifer and her husband, Craig, who has a masters in physical therapy, opened the doors of Preferred Choice Chiropractic in Howard Lake Wednesday.

This has been a process that began last year with the financial and architectural work.

It has kept remodeling crews busy for several months now, said Craig.

Although the business is new to the area, Jennifer is not.

Her parents are David and Nancy Remer of the Waverly-Montrose area, she noted.

Jennifer said she grew up on the Waverly Lake beach.

"When I go back, I still recognize all the same ladies sunbathing," she said.

How did she decide to get into chiropractic?

Craig refers to it as the dumb ear story, but Jennifer tells it anyway.

She was driving home after having her wisdom teeth out, and her face was swollen and painful.

A three-car accident sandwiched Jennifer's car.

She got out of her car, and the poor man that rear-ended her car got very upset when he saw her swollen face, thinking it was because of the accident.

But, after the accident, Jennifer spent five years going to many doctors, trying to find out why she couldn't hear well anymore.

Every doctor had a different diagnosis: allergies, sinus problems, etc.

One day, as a student, she went to a chiropractor, and everything broke loose and began to drain.

A simple treatment with no drugs made a big statement for Jennifer and pointed her in a new direction for her life.

She became a chiropractor that encourages good diet with safe and proper exercise.

A personal trainer for several years, Jennifer has experience in that area as well.

She stresses preventative medicine.

People come to her when they want to change their life, she said.

"The body has everything it needs to heal itself. We just need to allow it the chance to do that," she said.

Jennifer does a lot of work with women who have PMS and symptoms of menopause.

She also does motivational speaking and loves to speak to parents at their day care facilities.

Her focus is really on kids and moms, she said.

She and Craig have two boys, Destine, 2, and Daire, 4.

"When they get crabby, I know they need adjusting. Sometimes it is twice a year, and, sometimes it is twice a month," Jennifer said.

If we all lived like a two-year-old does, you know, walk a little, lay down a little, we would probably not be sick as often, she said.

The Buttruffs live in Dassel, only because there was nothing to buy in Howard Lake, she said.

Jennifer still has her clinic in Little Falls, and she plans on working there two times a week, until she can hire more doctors that share her philosophy of preventing illness by letting the body's immune system work at full strength all the time.

The Preferred Choice Chiropractic Clinic is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Don't be concerned about the way the front of the building looks, the clinic door is on the west side and the inside has been completely redone. If you want to see the inside or want more information, call Dr. Jennifer at 320-543-1103.

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