Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, July 26, 1999

Classmates celebrate eighth grade graduation anniversary

Four classmates recently gathered to celebrate a milestone, 60 years since their eighth grade graduation.

Milo Kubasch, Lorraine Marshall Kegler, Audrey Borgersrode Hokanson and Calvin Diedrick graduated from McLeod County District 34, Winsted, on June 29, 1939 in commencement ceremonies in the Glencoe School Auditorium.

There were 117 graduates in 1939. Clayton Schlagel was also a graduating member of District 34.

A. F. Schauer was county superintendent of the 69 ungraded schools in McLeod County.

The Rev. M. Seybold of Lester Prairie gave the commencement address entitled, "Victory in Education Plus."

The class motto was "Climb Though the Rocks be Rugged."

Classmates of District 34 and their spouses met at the Milo Kubasch home July 9 for an afternoon of sharing old time memories, after which they enjoyed dinner together at the Blue Note Supper Club. After dinner, the group returned to the Kubasch home for more visiting. It was a wonderful visit, and the first time in 60 years they had been all together.

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