Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 19, 1999

Local developer angry at out-of-town real estate agent

By Andrea Vargo

Joel Lemmerman, part owner of the Dutch Lake Woods development, said he could scarcely believe some of the things said to city employees by Laurie Karnes, agent for Land For Sale, Inc., last week.

Lemmerman was responding to the many calls he had regarding the comments made by City Administrator Christina Franken-field at the April 6 city council meeting.

Frankenfield had relayed some information from the agent about placing manufactured homes in Dutch Lake Woods.

Karnes asked for 24 building permits.

She led Frankenfield to believe she was close friends with Lemmerman's partner, Curt Swanson. She suggested to Frankenfield that Swanson would sell those lots to her company. Neither of those statements is true, said Lemmerman later.

Council members stated concerns about the validity of the information, since Lemmerman had not been available for comment at this point.

"It is absolutely not true that this agent can come into Dutch Lake Woods and place manufactured homes there," said Lemmerman.

She is a headhunter for a land sales outfit, Lemmerman said.

"Besides," said Lemmerman, "there is a covenant in place that means any home would have to be approved by me, and I wouldn't approve manufactured homes."

Curt Swanson, Lemmerman's partner, agrees that the quality of the homes must remain high in the Dutch Lake Woods development.

Lemmerman said Swanson could certainly sell his interest, if the right quality buyer came along. That person would have to be committed to the same type of quality home.

As far as the manufactured homes that might come into Howard Lake in the future, Frankenfield said they are restricted to the park designated for manufactured homes.

This type of home is described as being on a metal chassis and used to be referred to as a mobile home, she said.

The city passed its new zoning ordinance April 6, and it has been published.

It is not possible now for manufactured homes to be any place in the city other than the manufactured home park, and all 24 building permits have been returned to the city, unsigned, she said.

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