Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 8, 1999

Electronic licensing system in McLeod County in 2000

By Gail Lipe

The game and fish licenses will be handled electronically by agents selling them across Minnesota in the year 2000.

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners voted at its meeting Tuesday to authorize Cindy Schultz, McLeod County auditor, to apply to be an agent to sell the licenses under the new system.

According to Schultz, the total number of game and fish licenses sold in the license bureau for 1998 and 1999 was 1,421.

The new system requires each agent to have specific electronic equipment, access to a phone line and a bank account where the state can electronically access the licensing fee.

Each agent would pay $200 for the use of the equipment, but the state waived the fee for deputy registrar offices.

Commissioner Sheldon Nies said he thought there would be only one agent in Glencoe if the auditor did not apply.

Schultz said, originally only one other agent was going to apply for the new system. The other agents were pulling out because they did not sell enough licenses to recoup the cost.

Schultz said some have reconsidered the idea and put in their applications. She said there will probably be more pulling out next year.

"I would like to try it for one year," said Schultz. The board approved giving it a one-year trial.

The electronic licensing system automated game and fish agents in Glencoe for 2000 will be Lee's Super Valu, Total Mart, Wilson Hardware, and McLeod County.

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