Herald and Journal, March 1, 1999

They left their hearts in Europe

Last summer 20 people from Wright County, many Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School (HLWW) students, set off on an adventure of a lifetime. Accompanied by HLWW English teacher Marilyn Eide, they spent nine days in Europe.

They started in London where they spent three days visiting the Tower of London, Picadilly Circus, the well-known play "Starlight Express" and St. Paul's Cathedral. They watched the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. With their free time some of the group visited art museums while others shopped at Harrods and the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Euro Express train took them across th English countryside, under the English Channel at 100 miles an hour, and on to Paris.

The visit to Paris included an evening stroll down the Champs de Elysses, visits to Versailles, the Arc de Triomphe, Marie Antionette's Hamlet, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Orsay.

The temperature was around 100 degrees F. and the mother of one of the students on the trip saw a photo in the Minneapolis Star Tribune of people wading in a fountain at Versailles on the day we were there.

Following three days in Paris, a tour bus drove the group to the city of Bruges, Belgium. Bruges is a medieval city of canals, art, and lace. There they spent part of an afternoon and then continued to Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam we visited a cheese factory on a farm. Many bought samples to bring home.

A wooden shoe factory was next. As a result of this stop, there are several pairs now of wooden shoes in Wright County. We watched a pair of shoes being made. The whole process from a block of wood to a smooth shoe takes approximately one minute.

Many visited the Anne Frank house and some saw the Van Gogh Museum. All of us saw the Rijksmuseum, site of the famous "The Kitchen Maid" by Johannes Vermeer.

After a busy nine days, most of the students slept on the bus to the airport and on the plane ride home.

Eide takes a tour group every few years. Destinations vary from one trip to the next, often depending on the preferences of the people going.

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