Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 19, 2000

Third graders share 'What my father means to me'

Submitted by Holy Trinity Schools

Jan Kappel's third grade class at Holy Trinity Elementary School entered the 2000 Minnesota Twins Father of the Year essay contest recently.

They didn't win any of the top prizes, but each student won a certificate for two people to attend a Twins game during the 2000 season. They also decided their fathers were very special people to them.

The students were asked to describe in their own words, totaling 300 words or less, "What My Father Means To Me." Following are their responses.

Kelly Brost

One time when my Dad had to work, he took me into where he was and I helped him. And when I had surgery, he bought me some Beanie Babies. We help each other when we need it, and we work together, too. He has his own business. It is Brost Drywall.

Eugene Boehlke

My Dad means a lot to me because he helps me. He likes playing with me. He teaches me how to hunt and he's always there for me. He talks with me when I am sad or mad. He helps me with my homework.

Mariah Warwas

My father means a lot to me because he is always there for me. If I didn't have him, I wouldn't be able to go fishing with him. He pays rent for our house. And he brings me to movies and brings me to the arcade once in a while. I would just say he's the best dad in the world.

Clare Chalupsky

My father means a lot to me. He teaches me math and other stuff. When my father had a heart attack, I really cared for him. My relationship with him means a lot to me. He taught me how to innertube.

Kaisha Hagen

My father means a lot to me, because he shows me that he loves me and cares for me. My father likes when I help him with his wood in his workshop. I really love my father.

Cody Cuhel

My father means a lot to me. He taught me how to paint. He taught me how to mow the lawn. He's there for me a lot. He helps me with problems I have.

Joey Deidrick

My father helps teach me new things. He teaches me how to build chairs and other stuff like that. He helps me with homework. He was 15 when he started tutoring in math. He teaches me math when I need help. He teaches me how to spell. He also teaches other people like my cousin, Jake Kutz. He likes to take me on the snowmobile and the four-wheeler. I have the BEST DAD.

Chris Neumann

My father means a lot to me. He is a person who means a lot to Winsted. He is a baseball and basketball coach. He does my homework with me just about every week. My father and I have a very good relationship together. He is very patient, and always a person who has a smile on his face. He likes fishing. That's why my father means a lot to me.

Zach Mochinski

My father means a lot to me because he brings me to baseball games. He helps me do my homework. He plays catch with me. He makes me feel good. He reads me stories, too.

Timmy Knott

My father means a lot to me because he is nice to me. He gives me hugs. When we go to the store, he buys me chocolate. He is always very nice to me. I like him, and he likes me so much. When he is home, he lets me drive the four-wheeler. When he works, sometimes he takes me with. It is very fun when I go with.

Zachary Neumann

My father means a lot to me because he supports our family very well. He teaches me important stuff. He respects me because I am his only son. We go boating together. I respect him because he's my father.

Brittany Heller

My father means a lot to me. I like my father because he is a funny, nice, happy man. My father works 10 hours a day just to earn money to pay for our house, electricity, and other stuff. I love my father a lot. He is the best man in the world! My dad and I do a lot of stuff together, like fishing. He likes to go fishing. My father and I have a very good relationship. My father is awesome. He has brown hair, is 6 feet 3 inches tall, and he's nice. Even when he punishes me, I deserve it. My father is very neat! I hope you will think he is too, if you meet him some day. The End.

Tristynna Nygren

He means a lot to me. He takes me out to eat at places. He does lots of stuff for me. He plays basketball with me when I have no one to play with. He is very important to me. He helps me a lot with homework when I really need it. He is always there for me.

Jacob Otto

My dad always helps me with my homework, when he has a chance. He has taught me to be patient when I fish. I like working with him on the farm. Once, he let me drive the combine, and I ran over a few stalks, but we laughed anyways. He is very good at working on machines.

Peter Heuer

My dad, Rick, means the world to me. I like to work with my dad. He teaches me how to build things. He likes my help when we've got jobs to do. I know my dad really loves me because he spends time with me.

Phillip Rien

My dad means a lot to me because he is so nice. He works a lot. I love my dad. He is a good salesman. He works at Morrie's Ford in Buffalo.

Lena Guggemos

My dad, Chip, is very good to me. We went to Camp Snoopy, even when he had a very bad leg, on my birthday. When he had eye surgery, I took care of him. I love him very much and he loves me very much. He was made just for me and my sisters. He makes me laugh because he is funny. He makes my sisters laugh, too. He helps teach math and science to me. It is lots of fun to be with my dad.

Eric Rathmanner

My father means a lot to me. He taught me how to pitch a baseball. He taught me how to bowl the right way. He respects me by letting me have a birthday party and swimming pool. I like him because he teaches me sports. He is building a pitching thing for me. That's one thing why I respect my dad. He helps me with my homework. He taught me how to shoot. He bought me a cool, new bike. He bought me a basketball hoop. He takes me bowling. He buys me baseball cards. That is why I like my dad.

Beth Remer

My father means so much to me. He reads a story to me, even with five other kids. He works until 8:00 p.m. Sometimes, he is impatient with me. He gives me a hug before bedtime every night.

Julia Fleischacker

My dad means a lot to me because we always play a game on Wednesdays. I think my dad and I have a good relationship because he is always there for me, and I am almost always there for him. I feel close to my dad to talk about school.

Cody Fiecke

My dad means a lot to me because he taught me to hunt. We go fishing together. I never catch any fish, but he does. I go to his house every weekend. We go on his Harley Davidson.

Tyler Rien

My dad means a lot to me because he goes fishing with me. He buys me stuff. Sometimes, he reads with me. We play catch together. He plays Playstation with me.

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