Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 22, 1999

St. Mark/St. John Lutheran football team 2nd in league

The St. Mark/St. John Lutheran Raiders football team finished the season with an exciting 13-12 come-from-behind victory over Chaska to take home the league's runner up trophy.

The team, coached by Gordy Edmison, finished the season with an impressive 8-1 record. This is the third straight year that the team has had only one loss for the season. The team plays in a tough league which includes teams from Wayzata, Excelsior, Chaska, and Waconia.

Team scoring was dominated by Nick "The Bruiser" Kubasch who scored a total of 16 touchdowns for the season. Six of those touchdowns were on pass receptions from seventh grade quarterback Robert "Rocket Arm" Schmidt. Schmidt threw a total of 10 touchdown passes for the season, with the other TDs going to Adam "Boom Boom" Lehrke (1) and Jason "Twinkletoes" Pawelk (3). Additional offensive scoring was added by quick-footed running back Chad "now you see 'em, now you don't" Aurich.

In addition to the strong offensive attack, the Raiders made it difficult for their opponents to score by putting pressure on the quarterback. Leading the defensive charge were Lance "Let Me At 'Em" Schoenke and Ryan "Out Of My Way" Jopp, who combined to set a team record in quarterback sacks. Kubasch and Lehrke combined for a total of eight interceptions for the season.

Part of the team's strength was due to a strong group of fifth and sixth graders who played with the seventh and eighth graders to provide additional depth and speed.

The fifth and sixth graders went undefeated in their season for the second straight year. There's lots of young talent on this squad so Raider football should have some good years ahead.

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