Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Nov. 27, 2000

4-H is changing with the new millennium

By Lynda Jensen

Photography. Computers. Rockets. Arts and crafts. Animals and plants.

Sound like 4-H? Most would say not, but nowadays, being part of 4-H doesn't mean you have to own a cow and live on a farm.

4-H includes a spectrum of subjects, both modern and traditional in nature, according to Bernadette O'Rourke of the University of Minnesota Extension Office.

Locally, two young people made it to state competition in the area of "dog showing" for the first time with their favorite pooches recently.

Christmas surprise

Almost three years ago, Chrissy, a springer spaniel mix, thrilled the Heuer children with a red ribbon around her neck Christmas Day.

Chrissy is mild natured, friendly, and likes to play on hay bales, said Courtney Heuer, 11, Howard Lake.

The dog can be called upon to pull Courtney and her brother, Carl, on their sled in the winter.

Heuer received a third-place blue ribbon with Chrissy in the graduate beginner junior obedience class. The two placed in showmanship and obedience.

Showmanship includes being tested about basic knowledge of the dog. Obedience is when the owner testing the dog's willingness to obey basic commands.

The first year that Heuer showed Chrissy, they placed in agility, which includes going through jumps, over aprons and tunnels.

Last year, Chrissy took a red ribbon, second place.

Interestingly, Chrissy has markings that resemble a dairy cow. "Sometimes we think a cow is out because she looks like a calf," Heuer said.

Courtney's parents, Roger and Cindy Heuer, own a dairy farm and 300 acres south of Howard Lake.

Courtney is part of the Sunrise 4-H club. For more information, call Kermit Diers at 320-543-2156.

Pure enthusiasm

Hanna, a purebred German shepherd, took a blue in the showmanship junior novice division. Hanna also picked up awards for agility.

"She's not hard to train," said David Youngren, 12, Waverly. He is the son of Scott and Kim Youngren.

The Youngrens bought Hanna from neighbors to the east.

"She's easygoing and smart," commented Kim about the dog.

David has participated in 4-H since he was in first grade. He has done several kinds of projects, including self-determined, creative arts, painting and others.

He joins his brother Derek and sister Alyssa in 4-H projects.

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