Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Dec. 27, 1999

City of LP wins case against Galles

By Luis Puga

In McLeod County District Court, Judge Michael Young decided in favor of the City of Lester Prairie in its suit against Andrew Galles, a former Lester Prairie police officer.

The matter arose because Galles resigned his position with the city earlier than agreed to in a contract with the city.

The city brought a suit against Galles for fees for training, equipment, and other costs in the sum of $2,514.81. The conciliation court found in favor of the city, awarding it $1,011.90, but crediting Galles with $203.35 in vacation pay.

Galles then brought a separate conciliation suit against the city to reclaim penalties due to the fact that the city did not pay his vacation pay on time. This issue was considered in the first case, but was disregarded by the presiding judge.

In the second case, a separate judge found in favor of Galles, awarding him not just the vacation pay, but penalties for the late payment as well.

In the third case, this in front of district court, the city argued that it felt the case was decided by the first conciliation court decision.

Judge Young agreed that the application of that statute had been decided in the first ruling, and the second should be disregarded.

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