Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 25, 2000

Gas station, convenience store get approval in HL

By Andrea Vargo

A gas station/convenience store/ car wash owned by Rod Miller of Howard Lake got its final approval from the Howard Lake City Council Tuesday.

A public hearing brought little response from citizens, other than a written request from Dura Supreme to maintain a quality look for the east entrance to the city.

Several conditions are included in the approval.

A parking lot plan must be developed to include paving of the entire lot, placement of curb and gutter for proper drainage, and traffic control signage. This must be approved by appropriate city staff.

Landscaping to enhance that end of the city will take place, but Miller asked that the landscaping not be put in until the Highway 12 construction is finished. The council agreed.

The building is being redeveloped to accomodate the new business, but the fast lube facility will stay where it is, and Mr. Rooter will still occupy the southeast part of the building, Borglund said.

A variance was also granted to allow a canopy to be constructed over the gas pumps.

Councilman John Swanson expressed concern about a turnaround for cars. He thought maybe the cars waiting for the car wash would be in the way of cars needing to turn around and exit.

"When I look at the car wash in Cokato in the winter, there might be eight cars lined up waiting," he said.

Miller said he certainly hopes cars will be lined up to get in, but he feels there is room. And, with the proper signs and arrows, traffic should be able to move freely, he said.

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