Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, May 17, 1999

Changes in store for Good Neighbor Days

By Andrea Vargo

Look for some changes this year in Good Neighbor Days, said committee co-chair Sam Gruenhagen.

"We are trying to make our button worth more to people, so more people will buy them," he said.

It will provide free entrance to four Orphans games and the Lions dinner after the parade and many discounts on activities plus other things during the celebration.

Even the medallion hunt, sponsored by the Lioness, is tied to the button. If you have a button, the medallion is worth $300. Without the button, it is worth $240, said Gruenhagen.

The first clue for the medallion hunt will be published in the Herald Monday, May 24. Weekly clues will follow.

Lion Tammy Reinke stressed there would be no need for contest participants to dig anywhere.

Co-chair Bonnie Seegmiller noted that another change is the street dance. There won't be one. Several businesses will offer music for Saturday evening.

The printed pull-out for events and schedules will not be available this year. Instead, the committee will place posters around the city and in the businesses.

Most Good Neighbor Days events scheduled for Saturday, June 26, will be at the Wright County Fairgrounds, but a few will remain in their usual places.

Watch for the list of events and locations in the Herald before the celebration. Good Neighbor Days will be Thursday through Sunday, June 24-27.

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