Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, June 21, 1999

And the next Miss Howard Lake is . . .

The Good Neighbor Days celebration will crown its next Miss Howard Lake, Sunday, June 27 in Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted's Humphrey Hall at 6 p.m. Eight candidates will vie for the title.

In addition to the candidates' sponsors, the Howard Lake ambassador program would like to recognize the following who have also contributed to the success of the royalty program: Tom Main of Mr. Tire, Curt Levang, George Schmidt of George's Seafood, Dennis Frey, Grandma's House, Dennis Entinger, Donna Reddemann, Wayne Diers of Wayne's Quality Printing, Sand Bar & Grill, Carol Hayner, Total Entertainment Center, Dura Supreme, Howard Lake Business Association, Howard Lake HealthMart Drug, Howard Lake Lions, Bonnie Seegmiller, Simmons Realty, Ittel's Meats, Donna's Salon, and Lonna Rahn.

The candidates are:

Hannah Elizabeth Leiferman

Sponsors: Donna's Salon, Munson Lakes Nutrition, Vern Kleve, Midtown Repair, Inc.

Family: Parent - Patricia O'Connor, brothers - John 19, Peter 16.

Future plans after high school: I will be attending College of St. Catherine in the fall.

Hobbies, special talents: Music, violin, running, in-line skating, drawing and painting.

Person I admire most: My violin teacher, Kylie, because she is encouraging, and truly believes in her students.

Greatest asset: I am motivated and a hard worker. I use it daily in school and in my music.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: Respect all people as individuals, their similarities and their differences.


Laura Lynn Williamson

Sponsors: Red's Family Restaurant, Ittel's Meats, Diers Plumbing & Heating, Rainbow Auto.

Family: Parents - Jack and Vicky Williamson, brother - Chad 22.

Future plans after high school: Attend a two-year community college in Grand Rapids, then transfer over to a four-year college to work for a degree in physical education and health teacher. I also plan to work for a coaching certificate.

Hobbies, special talents: In-line skating, swimming, snowmobliling, biking, hiking, four-wheeling, and playing sports.

Person I admire most: My brother Chad, because he was the one that I grew up with and he taught me how to be strong and to stick up for myself.

Greatest asset: My communication skills. I use this asset when I am at work, in the community and at school. Every place that I am at I am always talking with people and using my communication skills.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: I feel that I could represent myself to the very best of my ability. Also, I feel that I will do my best in representing our community and its citizens.


Kelli Foss

Sponsors: Omar and Verna Glessing, Distinctive Dental Services, Bergie's Pizza & Subs, Piece Makers Quilt Shoppe, Howard Lake Lioness.

Family: Parents - Steve and Trudy Berg, Jody Foss; brothers - Jesse Berg 21, Collin Foss 13, and Corey Foss 12; sisters - Jammie Berg 24 and Katie Foss 19.

Future plans after high school: To attend Mankato State University and study in the field of psychology and/or human relations.

Hobbies, special talents: I love to sing. I do it all the time and it makes me feel better. I also like to read poetry and occasionally write it.

Person I admire most: Oprah Winfrey because she has overcome so much in her life to become a very successful and inspirational woman today.

Greatest asset: My ability to get along with people. I use this asset as a waitress; it is a big part of great customer service. I also use this in high school where you interact with many different people.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: Have a positive attitude and be a positive influence on all of the younger children who look up to you.


Valarie Anne Gast

Sponsors: Gerry's Super Valu, Security State Bank, Shape & Style, Precision Business/ S. L. Smith.

Family: Parents - Sue and Jerry Gast, brother - Chad 28, sister - Brenda 16.

Future Plans: To either go to St. Cloud Technical College or Ridgewater College.

Hobbies and special talents: Swimming, playing ball with friends, biking and riding.

Person I admire: My grandparents for having the strength to go on through some hard times.

Greatest asset: Dedicated to the things I do. I am team player, but I'm also capable of doing things on my own; in cheerleading or just about anything I do.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: I feel that I am representing the community. I'm also looking forward to a great experience. I will try my best to represent Howard Lake.


Carie Annette Luoma

Sponsors: Howard Lake Fast Lube, Werner Hardware & Home Center, Howard Lake Good Samaritan Center, Clinic Cab, Inc.

Family: Parents - Daniel and Roxanne Luoma, sisters - Alicia 19, Danielle 14, brother - Justin 9.

Future plans after high school: To attend a two-year technical college. I plan on working in computer graphics.

Hobbies, special talents: Collecting key chains, swimming, and cooking.

Person I admire most: My grandma for her ability to never have tried smoking or drinking and to stand up for what she believes.

Greatest asset: Responsibility - if you didn't have this you would get nowhere in life. I use it at work; there's no time to slough off. I also use it at home when my parents tell me to do something, such as keeping curfew.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: When we go to other schools or towns and they put us down, I will bring up our good points and how far we have come in all our years. I will also represent us by wearing school spirit clothes.


Sallie Fall

Sponsors: Howard Lake HealthMart Drug, Charles Paschke Law Office, Lakes Area Realty, Chap Equipment, Burkstrand Agency, Inc.

Family: Parents - Clint and Debra Fall, sisters - Sarah 19 and Shannon 5, brother - Christopher 14.

Future plans after high school: I have been given scholarships to attend the College of St. Benedict's, College of St. Scholastica, and Southwest State University. I am also looking at St. Cloud State University. I plan on becoming a dentist and later furthering my education to become an orthodontist.

Hobbies, special talents: Singing, playing flute - seven years, playing piano - 10 years, biking, swimming, boating, skiing, reading, poetry, business camp - counselor, drawing, and talking with friends.

Person I admire most: My older sister, Sarah. She always has led the way for me. Sarah is someone who will keep getting up, no matter how many times she's knocked down.

Greatest asset: My greatest asset would have to be tenacity. This is the part of me that gives me the courage to try and never give up.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: I know I will have to do a lot of work in representing Howard Lake, but I also know it would be worth it.


Emmy Elizabeth Swanson

Sponsors: Mumford Sanitation, Dura Supreme, George and Mark Peterson, Howard Lake Lions.

Family: Parents - Dale and Cheryl Swanson, brothers - Greg 19 and Nick 16.

Future Plans: To attend St. Olaf College and enter a career field of which, right now, I haven't decided.

Hobbies and special talents: Making beaded jewelry, doing friend's hair and taking pictures. I also like being with friends and talking on the phone.

Person I admire: Not just anyone, but teachers in general. And any kind of teacher. They have to have patience and the will to stand in front of students who may not always be willing to learn.

Greatest asset: My greatest asset is my personality. It allows me to get along with everyone and I use it to make friends.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: You have to have character, be yourself and be responsible. It should be fun, but you should take it seriously.


Kara Bobrowske

Sponsors: Joe's Sport Shop, Posey Patch, Diers Electric, Howard Lake Women's Auxiliary, MSI Insurance - Jesse Pettit.

Family: Parents - Kenneth and Gloria Bobrowske, sisters - Kristin 28, Kayla 13, brothers - Kurt 27, Keith 20.

Future plans after high school: I plan on attending the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. I hope to find a major and career in helping small children, such as elementary education or a related course.

Hobbies, special talents: Sports, being with my friends, and talking on the phone.

Person I admire most: My second grade teacher, Mrs. Glessing. She taught me to learn and have fun. She has also has given me courage to overcome many obstacles.

Greatest asset: My aggressiveness. This helps me to get out and talk with many people. It also helps in some things like sports, school and the community.

How to represent Howard Lake as part of the Royal Team: First of all, you must be yourself, but you also have to be a good role model. Many people see you and get a small glimpse at our community. Just have fun.

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