Herald and Journal, March 22, 1999

Third graders write about why school is important

Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted third grade students at Howard Lake Elementary recently wrote about why school is important.

The following are samples of what the students presented:

Karen Borrell's class

School is not just to learn out of books. It can be fun, too. When you are in school, you can meet new friends. And some people think music is fun, and gym and computer time. I think learning is fun, too.

- Holly Doroff

School means a lot to me. School helps me learn. It's a good place to meet friends, like Ryan Sterner. He went to Winsted last year. And Laura Jacobson. She went to Buffalo. School is fun and it helps me cooperate better than I used to and be responsible. Without school I wouldn't be able to talk, write, multiply, add or subtract.

- John Hammer

I learn at school. I learn things like: how to read, how to cooperate, how to be helpful, what my responsibilities are, and school helps me get ready for the future. School gives me an education. At school, I meet friends. School helps me to learn how to do and make things. I have three favorite teachers, Mrs. Borrell, Mrs. Sanken and Miss Kalvig. School teaches us how to use things like computers, maps and things like that. My favorite subjects are art, gym, handwriting and math. The subjects I do not like are reading, social, science, spelling, music and Spanish.

- Josh Clos

Sue Napper's class

I like school because it helps you read, write and learn. I've learned a lot more than when I was in second grade. I like Mrs. Napper as a teacher because she explains things so we understand what she means.

- Rachael Polzin

School is important to me because it helps me learn stuff I need to know. I like gym because it's fun and it helps me exercise my body. I like art because I like to be creative and it is fun. I like to come to school every day because it is fun and you learn new stuff every day.

- Brie Barfknecht

Kathy Pettit's class

I like school because it helps me to learn and get an education. School is so fun I do not want to miss a day. But some times you have to miss a day or two because you might get sick or go to the doctor. School's the best thing about learning.

- Angela Sherman

School is important because you have to learn the things for when you become an adult. If you don't go to school you won't know very much as an adult. Without school people wouldn't be very smart.

- Lindsey Pacelli

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