Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, April 19, 1999

Humphrey comes to life for sixth grade

The Humphrey Elementary sixth grade class will have a museum exhibit, "Humphrey-Not to Forget," at the Waverly Village Hall Tuesday, April 20, from noon to 2:30 p.m. and from 5 to 7 p.m.

"Humphrey-Not to Forget" is the culmination of "Creates a Museum Trunk," the inquiry from the Minnesota Profiles of Learning standard under the direction of teacher Pat Weseloh, museum director Irene Bender, and educator Mari Pokornowski.

The students were to learn how to access information and use a variety of sources to answer a question or support a position.

"Who was Hubert H. Humphrey?" was the question that the sixth graders researched for four weeks. The average sixth grader at Humphrey Elementary did not know that a vice president and senator had lived in Waverly nor did they know that the school had been named after him.

They asked their parents, grandparents, and residents of Waverly about Humphrey and the project soon became real to them.

Their subject, who was most at home in small towns, carried legislation that affected the lives of students like them. Now, civil rights and Vietnam were more than words for these sixth graders.

Their bus driver told them how the press gathered in Waverly when the end was near for this man with incredible energy. A grandma told of knowing the family as ordinary people. Another remembered the helicopters landing in Waverly when Humphrey would come to his home.

History came alive for these students and they have made exhibits to show what they have learned. Whether researching or creating a display board, the main purpose of the project was to connect with the community and learn together that history is made up of people and places that have a connection to our lives.

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