Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, June 26, 2000

HL city hall project takes next step

By Andrea Vargo

It is time to take the next step in the restoration of the historic city hall, architect Gary Hay told the Howard Lake City Council Tuesday.

Hay, who has been working on the restoration project, said it is important to take the project steps in order so the state historical society will take it seriously and help with grant money.

The next phase is to do a use study to determine how the city wants to use the space.

Although there are many options, the state will look most favorably on one that will retain the city offices in the building.

Once the uses have been set, then a structural engineer should look at the needs for those uses.

Then a cost estimate can be figured, he said.

The city received a state grants-in-aid grant for $900 for the work on the city hall, said City Administrator Doug Borglund.

Unfortunately, this was not close to the $3,000 or so the city hoped to get, he said.

The city needed to make the building handicap accessible, but this was a step farther down the line than the state wanted to see.

Also, there were many more requests than the state had anticipated, and there was not enough money to fill all those requests, Borglund said.

One-way to become two-way

The one block, one-way street, Eighth Avenue, will become a two-way street in the near future, and City Engineer Brad DeWolf presented a drawing of how the street would appear.

There is enough room for the diagonal parking on the west side of the street to remain, as well as the parallel parking on the east side, he said.

This leaves room for two, regular 12-foot traffic lanes.

"We need to get it striped (paint the parking areas and traffic lanes)," said Borglund.

How the street will work as a two-way during the Highway 12 construction next year is something Mayor Gerry Smith said he wants to see now, under more normal conditions.

It will make it easier to make a decision after the construction is finished on whether to keep the street as a two-way, he said.

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