Herald and Journal, June 26, 2000

HLWW board adopts 17 content standards for Profile of Learning

By Andrea Vargo

While other schools scramble to get teachers back in school for discussion and agreement on the number of Profile of Learning content standards, the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board voted on the final phase of the process last Monday.

Teachers had already discussed the issues and turned in a plan before they left for the summer.

The plan calls for implementing 17 content standards for the graduating class of 2002, 20 standards for 2003, and all 24 standards for 2004 and beyond, said Humphrey Elementary Principal Dean Wessman.

These must be voted on by August 15 of every year. Teachers and school board must agree, or all 24 standards will have to be taught, according to the state legislature.

The changes to the Profile by the legislature requires districts to report the schedule that each site will use to fully implement the standards.

It also allows a local school board to waive any content standard for a student or group of students for this year's ninth and tenth grade students.

"We have always (all over the state) been concerned about what is reasonable for students to attain, while moving toward full implementation as soon as possible," said Wessman.

Some of the standards are based on technology, and the school district doesn't have (enough computers), said board member Michael Steckelberg.

There are some blank areas in the charts for the lower grades.

"Why is that?" asked board member Randy Heuer.

"Some of the areas show that there are pieces where we are having trouble," said Wessman.

Some of the problems are with technology, staff, or curriculum, he said.

"Doing performance assessments is very difficult (in some areas)," Wessman stated.

"I am impressed they (teachers) came through with as many (standards) as they did," he said.

Heuer asked how HLWW stands with other area districts.

Wessman told him he was not sure any of the other districts have even voted.

Heuer was the lone dissenting vote on the final plan, but he explained why before the vote was taken.

He has never supported the Graduation Standards, and says he never will, until someone can satisfactorily answer his questions about them.

"I will not support the Profile of Learning and specifically the Graduation Standards," he said.

Principals' salaries

Salary negotiations for the next two years is complete for the three principals.

Howard Lake and Winsted Elementary Principal Julie Millerbernd, who received $56,925 this year, will be paid $59,771 for the 2000-01 school year and $63,357 for 2001-02.

Wessman, principal of Humphrey Elementary received $56,047 this year, and he will be paid $58,849 for the 2000-01 school year. His salary increases to $62,380 for 2001-02. In addition, he receives an additional $10,000 per year as grad standards technician.

Michael Day, high school principal, received $64,829 for this school year and will get $68,070 for 2000-01. This will increase to $72,154 for 2001-02.

Health insurance contributions range from $5,500 to $6,892.

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