Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Oct. 11, 1999

Administrator accepts; new industrial park ready for HL

By Andrea Vargo

The city administrator position was offered to and accepted by former administrator Doug Borglund, City Attorney Charles Paschke told the Howard Lake Council Tuesday.

The title has been changed to City Administrator/Economic Development Director.

Borglund will be paid $48,000 per year and receive $150 per month for use of his own vehicle for city business. Health and dental will be the same as other city employees.

Industrial park

Howard Lake Industries West, a group of about a dozen investors, is ready to purchase 56 acres west of the city and south of Highway 12 for an industrial park, said Paschke.

The purchase will be contingent on annexation of the property to the city, he said.

The application for annexation will come before the council, and a public hearing date will be set, he said.

Property owners in the area need to be notified of the hearing, and some should also be offered the opportunity to annexed, said Paschke.

It is easiest for sewer and water to go out there while Highway 12 is under construction next year, said Pat Van Oss, one of the investors.

He said he hopes there will be interest by businesses as early as spring for locations in the park.

Mayor Gerry Smith said some of the seed money for the park is scheduled to come from the Dura Supreme Tax Increment Financing District recently approved

The city will have to bond for the sewer, water, and a road, but payments on that bond would most likely come from the Dura TIF district, said Smith.

Paschke will provide the council with a list of the steps necessary to get the industrial project off the ground.

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