Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Sept. 11, 2000

No increase in city taxes for Howard Lake

By Andrea Vargo

Taxpayers will get a bit of a break this year, as the Howard Lake City Council voted Tuesday not to increase the city's budget for 2001.

This year, the city's levy was $450,116, and it will remain the same for 2001, said City Administrator Doug Borglund.

An increase in local government aid from approximately $180,000 to $207,171 and a plan to get the city on an even keel by Borglund and the council helped the situation.

After its meeting this week, the fire department will be requesting up to $8,000 more than what it has in the past, mainly because of the increase in fuel prices, but even that has been figured into the budget and will not affect the final total, Borglund said.

See the boxed insert for the complete breakdown. This levy for the city cannot increase after approval, according to law.

Residents can attend the Truth in Taxation hearing Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m. if they have questions.

They also need to be aware that their taxes can go up for other reasons, Borglund said. Property values may increase, or the county or school district may increase taxes.

Parking spaces removed on Hwy. 12

Parking on Highway 12 will be cut down by several spaces, the council decided.

The area on Highway 12, next to Eighth Avenue, needs better sight lines, and the curbs will be painted to eliminate parking in those areas.

Residents should note that the police department will also strictly enforce the two-hour parking limit on Eighth Avenue.

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