Herald and Journal, July 26, 1999

Easement requested for water line across school property

By Andrea Vargo

The City of Winsted was represented by its city administrator, Aaron Reeves, last Monday with a request for an easement to place a water line through the Winsted Elementary School grounds.

Reeves told the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted (HLWW) School Board that the city is updating water lines this summer and fall to provide better fire protection for residents in the northern part of the city.

He said the city would like an easement across school property, and that easement would place the lines about 226 feet from the center line of the street on the east side of the school property.

Board Chair Jim Raymond asked what would happen if something were to be built on that area.

Reeves said that if it looks as if the school or something else will be built there in the future, the city would rather go along the street, rather than through the school's property.

It would cost too much to move the line, and the city would rather the placement of the lines be permanent, said Reeves. Winsted would save about $10,000 up front, he said.

The city would allow blacktop or something similar over the area, but no structure could be built, he said.

Board Member Jim Fowler commented, "The school would have to double or triple in size to (cover that area)."

The buildings and grounds committee will look at the area and recommend action to the school board in the very near future, since the city would like to start on its water project in late August.

Activity fees

Changes in fees charged for any extracurricular activity that normally requires a fee were approved by the school board.

The current fee schedule calls for $10 for each activity. That will go to $15 an activity for grades seven and eight, with a student (not family) maximum of $40.

Senior high students in grades 9-12 will pay $20 for each activity, with a student maximum of $50.

These fees are about the same or less than other area schools, said Board Member Mary Pettit.

Glencoe-Silver Lake charges $60 for varsity and junior varsity sports and Lester Prairie charges $20 for grades 9-12.

Leave of absence

Teacher Charles Strand requested a one-year leave of absence from the school district.

Strand has been a teacher in the HLWW School District for 22 years.

He has been offered a one-year, temporary position to teach special education in the Hopkins school district.

Strand wrote in his request, "I feel that this is an opportunity for me to advance my career in education."

He would inform the HLWW district whether or not he would be returning by April 1, 2000.

Board Member Randy Heuer said he does not support giving an individual a year off with the guarantee of a job when he comes back. He said he does not support doing this for one individual only.

Said Board Member Leo Weber, "If we don't grant it (the leave), we are going to have an unhappy employee."

"He could bring back better ideas and be an advantage for HLWW," said Board Member Richard Lammers.

The board approved the request with Heuer voting against the request.

New hires

The school board recommended the employment contracts be approved for new teachers Kimberly Jones and Sandra Pomije, secondary special education; Tara Craig, secondary business education; James Scheeringa, secondary social studies; Debra Dragseth, secondary counselor.

Employment contracts for paraprofessionals Rita Clark, Patty Diers, and Cherish Luhman were approved.

The board also hired head custodian Sam Flom and cleaner/sweeper Jolene Marketon.

Other business

  • The Truth in Taxation hearing was set for Monday, Dec. 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the HLWW High School.
  • Letters of resignation were accepted from Julie Matheny, Bonnie Nylin, and Trudi Porter.
  • Randy Heuer, member of the Long Range Facilities Task Force, said that in the near future, school district residents should look for a flyer in their mailboxes with basic information and a tentative time line for the long range facilities plan.
  • School board reorganization will take place in January 2000, after the election this fall. Committees and everything else will remain the same until then.
  • Bids were awarded to the following businesses for the upcoming school year: Pan O' Gold, Oak Grove Dairy, Altman Snow Plowing, Mumford Sanitation for waste removal in Howard Lake and Waverly, and Kubasch Sanitation for waste removal in Winsted.

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