Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Oct. 16, 2000

Humphrey museum project is no-go

By Lynda Jensen

The vision for the Humphrey Museum and Learning Center officially ended last week.

Catherine Jackson, museum board president, broke the news to the the Waverly City Council meeting Tuesday.

Lack of funds was cited as the reason for abandonment of the four-year fund-raising project.

Funds collected were to be used to restore the Waverly Village hall, create exhibits and establish an million-dollar endowment for a museum to honor the life of Hubert H. Humphrey.

"The entire board is very disappointed that the project is not able to go forward as planned," Jackson read from a statement.

Museum officials declined to say how short the fund-raising amount was.

The fund-raising effort started four years ago. Since then, the museum board has worked diligently to make the museum a reality, Executive Director Irene Bender said.

The museum was meant to be a place where people of all ages could experience, study and debate the issues that Humphrey influenced during his 30 years in public service, Bender said.

The board discussed many different kinds of alternatives. This included talking about doing the project in phases, Bender said. However when it was apparent that the project was not meeting their expectations, it was decided to discontinue, she said.

Humphrey's influence and vision are very much alive today, Bender said.

"We have a great story to tell about a man in our community," Jackson said of Humphrey.

Council members expressed disappointment, but commended the board for its hard work.

"It was a tremendous undertaking," Mayor Charles Bush commented.

Museum representative Patty Campbell suggested to the city council that the money in the initiative fund be used to erect a memorial in Legion Park honoring Humphrey.

Legion Park is the last place he spoke publically, she said.

Council members asked what kind of memorial it would be and whether the Legion knew about it.

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