Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Feb. 14, 2000

Hochstein resigns from Lester council

By Luis Puga

Long time Lester Prairie City Council Member Galen Hochstein submitted his resignation at last Monday's meeting.

Hochstein said, "It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the city council for seven plus years. My work with the Lester Prairie City Council and citizens has been rewarding and will long be remembered."

The April 10 meeting will be Hochstein's last meeting as a member. Hochstein will be leaving the city of Lester Prairie in the summer due to an impending marriage.

Audit report

The city received a clean bill of health overall in its 1999 audit report.

Donna King of Boeckermann, Heinen, Mayer said that despite expenditures exceeding cash receipts, the city had a strong cash balance. She added that the city received the highest level of assurance from her firm's report.

One area of concern was noted in the compliance report section of the audit under a conflict of interest. This was due to Mayor Eric Angvall's ownership of the Angvall Hardware.

It should be noted that Angvall did announce at the beginning of his term that he had inquired with attorneys on the matter, and had received approval from them. Also, King was not purporting any wrong-doing on the city's part or Angvall's.

King recommended that the council pass a motion recognizing Angvall's ownership of the store and authorizing purchases from that store. That motion will be considered at the council's next meeting.

She also said that the mayor should abstain from votes with regard to the hardware store, including payment of claims or purchases. General consensus was to approve bills with the exception of the hardware store as a council, and then approve any bills from the hardware store with Angvall abstaining.

King also directed the council to obtain documentation from banks that have pledged collateral for the city.

The council voted to approve the 1999 audit.

Nature area

Council Members Hochstein and Larry Hoof presented information on the purchase of the north 50 acres of the Irene Schmidt estate property. The land is located east of Co. Rd. 9.

The land is outside of the city limits and will have to be annexed into Lester Prairie.

The intention is to use the land to create a nature area and the city will apply for two grants from the DNR the land. The purchase will be contingent on approval of the purchase agreement from legal counsel and obtaining at least one of the grants from the DNR.

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