Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, June 28, 1999

County sells house for $100

By Gail Lipe
McLeod County Chronicle

One bid of $100 was received for a house on the west side of CSAH 1 in Lester Prairie. The McLeod County Board of Commissioners accepted the bid at its meeting in Brownton last Tuesday.

The house is located in the right-of-way for the CSAH 1 road project that is being worked on this summer. Bids were opened up with the stipulation the house be removed by July 31.

Nan Crary, McLeod County administrator, told the board the engineer wondered if the trouble was worth $100. "Is $100 an adequate bid?" Crary asked.

Crary felt there would be more than $100 worth of county effort on the arrangements.

"To me, if the house is gone and we get $100, that's good," said Commissioner Grant Knutson.

The bid was submitted by Fred and Dan Werth, Glencoe. Dan was at the meeting and assured the board the movers he had contacted would have the house moved by July 31.

Werth said he would like to get it moved completely off the property, if it is possible with the road project. If not, it will be moved aside and taken away later.

The other option the board discussed was demolishing the house. The commissioners were in agreement that $100 and not having to remove it was the best option.

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