Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, June 5, 2000

Retiring Hozempa awarded plaque

By John Holler

In a month that began with the surprise announcement that he was retiring, Don Hozempa ended a hectic May in front of the Wright County board by accepting a plaque acknowledging his contribution to Wright County.

Hozempa appeared in front of a full house of sheriff's department employees at the May 23 board meeting to accept the plaque for his 27 years of service to Wright County - the last 11 as sheriff - and thank the board for the professional and personal relationships they have developed over the years. The board shared that sentiment.

"He's done Wright County a tremendous service," Commissioner Ken Jude said. "The new sheriff will step into the position with a department that is in good shape because of a system Sheriff Hozempa set up."

Hozempa, who insisted he would not get emotional in front of his troops, was true to his word. However, he did let them know that they have been a big reason for the success the Wright County Sheriff's Department has built over the years.

"When I think about what I'm going to miss, one of the hardest things will be missing the people I've worked with," Hozempa said. "We've made this department second to none in the state and they're the reason."

Hozempa closed by thanking the citizens of Wright County for their support of his tenure as sheriff. New Sheriff Gary Miller was to be sworn in at a ceremony at 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 26, officially taking over the sheriff's duties at midnight, Saturday, May 27.

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