Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, May 3, 1999

MSHSL honors Holy Trinity High School students

By Trudi Sexton-Porter
HT High School Counselor

The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) recently awarded 85 Spotlight on Scholarship certificates to Holy Trinity Students for their achievements in the classroom.

Sponsored by the League and Jostens, the Spotlight on Scholarship program began in 1995 to recognize athletes and fine arts participants, who have a "B" or better grade point average.

More than 50,000 students have been honored so far, and today the Spotlight on Scholarship program is considered the fastest growing recognition program the league sponsors.

"The Spotlight on Scholarship Program gives the Holy Trinity High School an opportunity to recognize our students who have excelled in sports, fine arts, and academics.

Each quarter we have seen an increase in the number of our students receiving this honor. We strive to develop the whole person and this is one way for us to recognize those who have worked hard in developing their God given talents," said Fr. Paul Wolf the principal at Holy Trinity.

The number of certificates for the third quarter will be 112. Each quarter there is a dramatic increase in the number of certificates awarded. The students are truly appreciative of the recognition of their academic achievements.

Last year the girls' basketball team was awarded a Spotlight on Scholarship banner that presently hangs in the school gym, because the team had a combined grade point average of 3.0 or better.

The girls softball team will probably be awarded a banner from the Minnesota State High School League, as well.

Silver Certificates (GPA 3.0-3.39)

Steven Bebo, Jacob Ernhart, Cara Mochinski, Sandy Zelko, Matt DeMars, Zach Fahey, Melissa Lachermeier, Britanni Boehlke, Justin Dahl, Sarah Danielson, Becky Ebensperger, Jon Quast, Jamie Lacina, Kyle Kutz, Ann Ernhart, Dan Fiecke, Katie Kittock, Dana Rathmanner, Brandon Thiemann, Missy Williams, Tristan Galvin, Gary Guennigsman, Jason Ide, Melissa Weibel, Brad Danielson, and Jenny Davidson

Gold Certificates (GPA 3.4-4.0)

Tony Aguirre, Katie Hausladen, Jessica Radtke, Lauren Eggert, Brian Guennigsman, Jon Moser, Kirstina Quast, Jessica Scherer, Matt Bebo, Jon Fleischacker, Katie Kielkucki, Betty Petkova, Maggie Hertel, Shawn Kohler, Ryan Marquardt, Dana Mochinski, Katie Neumann, Laura Ollig, Mary Schoenfelder, Julie Fritz, Keith Dawes, Brad Ebensperger, Kim Laxen, and Colleen Lynch

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