Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Feb. 7, 2000

'Super grandma' is Holy Trinity volunteer

Irene Fasching has been named "Super Grandma" by this year's third graders at Holy Trinity School, Winsted, because of the active part she plays volunteering in both the elementary and high school.

The students even gave her a sweatshirt with "Super Grandma" printed on it. Fasching has been volunteering her time to Holy Trinity since her own children were in elementary school, approximately 17 years.

On Tuesday and Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Fasching helps out the third, fourth and sixth grades by correcting papers, updating bulletin boards, making sure students have memorized their prayers and helping students with their homework.

Fourth grade teacher Connie Kuzitza said, "She (Irene) is the sunlight in our day. I think the children keep her young."

On Wednesday afternoon, Fasching helps with family newsletters in the high school. In addition to helping at Holy Trinity Schools, she is also secretary/treasurer of Holy Trinity's cemetary and is mainly responsible for its upkeep.

When asked why she is willing to donate so much of her time to helping at Holy Trinity, she replied, "I enjoy working with the children and I believe in Catholic education."

That faith in Catholic education is shared by both Irene and her husband, Ed. All seven of their children graduated from Holy Trinity, as did six of their grandchildren. The Faschings also have four grandchildren currently attending Holy Trinity Schools.

In her free time, Irene likes to attend Holy Trinity band concerts, volleyball and basketball games; crochet, grow flowers and do garden work. Every year, she and Ed, take a vacation where they are able to relax and enjoy each other's company. This year, they just returned from a one-week cruise to the Caribbean, where they enjoyed the great ship entertainment, as well as everything else about their trip.

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