Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 15, 1999

Jepson leaving Lester Prairie council

Lester Prairie City Council accepted the resignation of Council Member Kay Jepson last Monday.

Jepson is noted for her work with the park board and the city's comprehensive plan.

"I really enjoyed my only foray into politics. It was a learning experience and I tried to do the best job I could," she said.

Jepson said that she would continue to help the city any way she could, especially through the transition to appointing a new member.

She said that she is sorry to go because she sees the new council as an opportunity for long term improvements to be made in the city.

Jepson will be leaving the community as well. She will be moving to Sturgeon Lake near Duluth. Jepson had been on the council for two years.

She will continue to work in the metro area as a senior business systems analyst for Mallinckrodt Inc., a medical equipment supplier.

The city council will accept applications for Jepson's seat up until February 26. It hopes to appoint a replacement member by the March 8 meeting.

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