Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, February 8, 1999

Noah Carlson selected karate outstanding competitor

Noah Carlson, son of Joe and Colleen Carlson, was selected as the Junior Outstanding Male Competitor, at the Hutchinson Shotokan Karate Tournament on Jan. 16. Noah finished second in kata, first in kumite, and third in team kata.

Each competitor in the tournament competes in kata and in kumite divisions. Kata is the prearranged sequence of blocking, punching, kicking, and striking performed in a ring and judged by a panel of five referees. The referee's score the kata on technical ability, smoothness of kata, and an understanding of application.

Kumite is the sparring part of the tournament. Kumite is a two minute, three-point non-contact match with three referees scoring the points on legal techniques to legal target areas.

Infractions of the rules can result in penalty points or disqualification from the match.

The first competitor to score three points or who is ahead at the end of two minutes is declared the winner.

Other competitor results from the Winsted Karate Club were: Brent Matter, first kata, second mandatory kata; Nate Diers, first kata, fourth team kata and third kumite; Nick Carlson, second in kumite.

Members of the Winsted Karate Club assisting with the tournament were Brenda Diers, who helped with scorekeeping and timekeeping, and Louis Stifter and Dr. James Neff, tournament referees.

The Winsted Karate Club is a traditional Shotokan karate club, which trains Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-8:30 p.m. at Winsted Elementary.

Beginner classes for ages 7 and older are scheduled for Feb. 22, 25, March 1, 5, 8 and 11. If you have any questions in regard to karate, call 320-562-2305 or 320-485-2388.

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