Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, Nov. 13, 2000

Board tries to bypass DNR with lake name change

By John Holler

If at first you don't succeed, change the playing field. That is the mantra the Wright County Board adopted at its Nov. 7 board meeting when it came to a proposed name change for Lake Sylvia and Twin Lake in Wright County.

The board had been told that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) commissioner would not approve any name change for Twin Lake, since it has been on the books for more than a century - even though practically nobody refers to the lake as Twin Lake.

So, the board took a different approach when giving its approval to the name change - eliminating the name Twin Lake completely and make the entire area Lake Sylvia, as well as seeking the help of the Legislature to get the process done.

"Rather than attempting to change the lake through the petition process, we are simply supporting the efforts of area residents to name the entire body of water as Lake Sylvia," Assistant County Attorney Brian Asleson said. "This battle will likely be fought on another battlefield, whether it be with the Commissioner of Natural Resources or the Legislature."

The county board has been frustrated with the unwavering stance of the DNR concerning this matter, but DNR representatives have defended their actions, saying the law is clearly written and there isn't much, if any, room for exceptions.

"The commissioner of the DNR told us before we held any public hearings that it wouldn't be approved to change the name," Commissioner Jack Russek said. "Maybe this would be a chance to get around that."

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