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March 1999 stories

Rooftops to make a reindeer pause, 3/29/99

When comparing building permit fees, you really can't compare, 3/29/99

Lots of laughs in Collegeville, 3/29/99

Economic Development Authority could help Waverly grow, 3/29/99

LP joint meeting explores future planning, joint facility, 3/29/99

Old Cokato bakery cooks up big costs for Wright County, 3/29/99

Glencoe hopsital, clinic looking to consolidate, 3/29/99


Walleyes beware: Shelly Reddemann retires, 3/22/99

Look to the community, not the system, to guide juveniles, 3/22/99

Citizens bend legislators' ears, 3/22/99

Training and conference budget needs more money, 3/22/99

More discussion on LP school future, 3/22/99

Weight equipment issue continues for Winsted council, 3/22/99

Third graders write about why school is important, 3/22/99


Bake sale fundraiser to benefit family of hydrocephalus child, 3/15/99

On to Indiana for Minnesota State Lutheran basketball champions, 3/15/99

Juvenile justice forum to discuss youth discipline issues, 3/15/99

Citizens encourage support for a Waverly Daze parade, 3/15/99

LP/HT wrestlers have record-setting year, 3/15/99

Coin toss decides winner in Bergen Township, 3/15/99

Chase results in rollover, 3/15/99


New school proposals, 3/8/99:

Overview | Winsted sites | Howard Lake sites

Options for LP school district considered, 3/8/99

'Animal,' professional theatre coming March 15, 3/8/99

Volunteers get more than they give, 3/8/99

A 'taste' of the early 1900s, 3/8/99


Task force hears high school site proposals from Howard Lake, 3/1/99

Sidewalk utility bill ­ first of its kind in the nation ­ originates in Howard Lake, 3/1/99

Subway (the restaurant) opens in Winsted, 3/1/99

Wright County goes to the Oscars, 3/1/99

They left their hearts in Europe, 3/1/99

Painting hung at Winsted Legion Club, 3/1/99

St. James takes league title, 3/1/99

Debi Zillmer wins LP spelling bee, 3/1/99

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