Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, February 8, 1999

Full HL council attends training conference

By Andrea Vargo

Howard Lake was the only city in the state to send its entire council to the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) training conference Jan. 30-31, said the LMC in praise of the commitment of the council to its job of public service.

Tuesday, Mayor Gerry Smith echoed the enthusiasm of the other city council members for the amount of information, support, and training they received from the conference.

Councilman Tom Kutz said he had a stack of information maybe three to four inches thick.

"It taught us a lot about what we could and could not do," he said.

Even the input from other communities was valuable, said Councilman John Swanson.

Many of the other cities' council members just don't know how the system works, he said.

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