Howard Lake-Waverly Herald, July 12, 1999

Howard Lake tops $2 million in lottery ticket sales

Howard Lake reached a lottery milestone last month. The city's total lottery ticket sales topped $2 million since the lottery began in April 1990.

Thirty-seven percent of the Minnesota cities that have lottery retailers have crossed that sales mark.

Howard Lake's May lottery ticket sales totaled $31,144. Like most Minnesotans, Howard Lake residents like to scratch. Scratch tickets accounted for 82 percent of the city's sales last month. Numbers ticket sales (Powerball, Gopher 5, Cash4Life, and Daily 3) were $5,423.

Of those sales, 5.7 percent is returned to Howard Lake's two lottery retailers, Gerry's Super Valu and Tom Thumb, in the form of commissions, 60 percent is paid out to lottery players as prizes and 23.3 percent is divided between the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (6.6 percent) and the state General Fund, including in-lieu-of-sales tax (16.4 percent) and compulsive gambling programs (.3 percent).

The remaining 11 percent is used to cover the lottery's administrative costs.

Through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, our state's natural resources are preserved, restored and enhanced. Since the lottery began, 88 projects worth $60 million were financed by the trust fund.

Money directed to the state's General fund is divided by the legislature for programs like K-12 education, health and human services and public safety. The General Fund has received $496 million from the sale of lottery tickets through April 1999.

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