Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Jan. 17, 2000

LP city organized for 2000

By Luis Puga

The Lester Prairie City Council's first meeting of 2000 Monday re-organized the city for the new year.

The council saw fit to retain much of the city's structure. Council Member Galen Hochstein will continue to serve as acting mayor when Mayor Angvall is absent.

The council will continue to meet the first Monday after the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at city hall.

The official newspaper will be the Prairie Ad News and the health officer will be Lester Prairie Medical Clinic. Assistant weed inspector and forester will be Greg Mueller, and Jerry Pawelk will be the city's emergency services director.

Depositories were designated as the First Community Bank of Lester Prairie and The Minnesota Municipal Money Market Funds, both with unlimited depository authorization. Security Bank and Trust of Glencoe was also designated as a depository with a $100,000 maximum deposit.

The council kept the individual members' areas of responsibility the same.

Planning commission

Elmer Hoernemann has resigned from the Planning Commission. The commission will have to find a replacement for his position.

The commission has also asked to add an additional member to its membership.

The commission will host a meeting for input into the city's comprehensive plan Monday, Jan. 24. General consensus of the council was to plan to meet with the commission on that date.

Other business

­ Officer Ryan Moonen received a positive nine month employment review from Police Chief Blaser. As such, Moonen will receive a a fifty cent per hour raise.

­ Council member Galen Hochstein recommended that the price of the remaining 10 lots in Prairie Meadows be raised by eight percent as of March 1. The proposal was passed.

­ Discussion continued over water shut-off valves for HRA units in the city. Concern was expressed regarding placing the shut-off valves in one tenant's apartment. It was felt this could produce "hard feelings" with the remaining tenants if the water actually had to be shut off.

Council Member Larry Hoof will discuss the issue with F&L Management to find the best possible option for the valve shut-offs.

­ Hochstein expressed concern over costs associated with individuals contacting housing developers for the city. The council felt that such a person should not be able to make agreements on behalf of the city, or spend city funds without the council's approval. Hochstein was designated as the member who would oversee expenditures to be paid out of the city's Economic Development Fund.

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