Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, March 1, 1999

Debi Zillmer wins LP spelling bee

Spectators thought that this might be an all-night competition for the two finalists in the district spelling bee at the Lester Prairie High School media center Feb. 8.

Students Matt Lyrek and Debi Zillmer competed very closely in the contest, with Zillmer emerging the winner.

Zillmer went on to attend the regional spelling bee in Marshall on Feb. 24. Lyrek received a Webster's pocket dictionary for second place.

District spelling bee contestants, in addition to Zillmer and Lyrek, were: Kevin Anderson, Ashley Strei, Abby Kuenzel, Amber Wacker, Kaleh Berrier, Ashley Alberts, Lindsey Geib, Matt Carlson, Abby Rolf, Nicole Weisenberger, Martina Boettcher, Courtney Gueningsman, Anne Foust, Kristi Fillbrandt, Alyssa Gutzmann, Patrick Sandoz, Emily Duncan, and Shane Sanders.

Officials for the spelling bee included: Charles Thiel - pronouncer; Lisa Klobe - judge; Heidi Pawelk - judge and scorer, and Kris Bateman - scorer. The event was coordinated by Principal Richard Hartshorn.

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