Winsted-Lester Prairie Journal, Nov. 15, 1999

LP Business Association looks to the future, present, and past

By Luis Puga

LESTER PRAIRIE ­ The seventh annual meeting of the Lester Prairie Business Association saw discussions on the past, present, and future of Lester Prairie.

The meeting, held at Lester Prairie's newest restaurant, Jonio's, began with a presentation from Mayor Eric Angvall who gave a state-of-the-city type address.

Angvall stressed the importance of more community input in some future planning decisions. He said the city council can help establish a direction for the town to grow in, but some of the leadership in growth must also come from business leaders.

He recognized that business people were under "various pressures," but encouraged them to get involved, saying, "If you want something done, give it to a business person."

He also said the community has an opportunity to look for fun ways to attract people to Lester Prairie, and observed that the Crow River is an under-used resource. Angvall added that Lester Prairie does have assets, but the community must convince itself that they are there.

Angvall pointed to recent growth in the downtown area with the addition of The Hair Co. and Jonio's.

He also pointed out that some housing has been built - not as much as wanted - but felt the city has another opportunity with 100 acres recently annexed into the city.

He closed by encouraging buying locally, and asked the business people in attendance to do the same. He suggested using more Prairie Bucks in their promotional contests as prizes.

The next speaker was John Carey, a partner in the legal firm of Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum, McCoy and Carey.

Carey spoke on "The Megatrend of the Future," or the growing influence and prosperity of the Internet and e-commerce.

He said he saw the growing communication medium as an opportunity for an individual to be financially free.


By this, he meant the ability to be one's own boss free from a growing amount of regulation that he admitted was grown in his own profession as a trial lawyer.

The business portion of the meeting was led by association President Miriam Rahn.

Rahn went over past and ongoing projects such as downtown beautification. The association is planning to purchase banners for the new light poles and benches for Juniper Street and Central Avenue.

Rahn also cited the success of the city's garage sale days as a fundraiser put on by the association.

Future plans of the association include awarding Prairie Pride buttons for volunteers who go the extra mile, and a Christmas party Friday, Dec. 3.

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